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Work Shop for Prosthesis & Customade Braces


Savvas Savva Specialized in Prosthesis and Orthotics

A well-equipped workshop and expert personnel for any prosthetic/orthotic project, from the manufacturing to the successful rehabilitation. Using the latest technology and best quality material, Our team is able to manufacture from the smallest prosthetic or orthotic braces (lower or upper limb), to the most complicated with electronic control, myoelektric or bionics.


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The center has established a very good cooperation over the years with the most professional and well known brands in Europe with the main activity to help people with orthopedic problems and disabilities, offering them the most suitable products and professional services that meet their needs.

The product range expands to many other well known brands, and offers, over the shelf braces and supports, rehabilitation products, mobility aids and medical equipment.

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