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Clinical Studies 

  • Clinical study for people after Stroke  

  • Clinical study for Children With Cerebral Palsy 


  • Kinisiforo Ltd Profile 

  • Informations about Kinisiforo devices and Nicomed Rehabilitation Center

Oficial Brochuer

Kinisiforo device certifications with apostile

  1. CE certificate

  2. Free Sale certificate

  3. ISO 13485 for Medical device according to EU standard

  4. Medical Device Approval from Cyprus ministry of Health

Kinisiforo device Aprouvals & Certifications 

  1. World wide Patent certificate from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

  2. Green standard

  3. EU 

KINISIFORO LTD certifications with apostile

  1. certificate for company registration from ministry of commerce and companies 

  2. certificate for director and secretary

  3. certificate for company address approval

Kinisiforo Hospital Unit Manual

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Power Point Presentations

Online Pubblications

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