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Reference & Awards  

  1.  Recommendation leter for  Kinisiforo Medical Device from Senevita Rehabilitation Center.

  2.  Certificate from Klaipeda University to Onisiforos Hadjionsiforou
    for his participation to the international scientific –practical
    conference regarding the effectiveness of Kinisiforo to Stroke patients.

  3. Certificate from European Creditation Council for continuing
    Medical Education and participation to 21 International Congress presenting K-SET method.

  4. Certificate from Lyutovos Svekatos Medical University for the application of Kinisiforo for the achivment to the first patient in Lithuania.  

  5. Certificate of Award from the international conference for the
    Innovative Technologies of quantum medicinemedicine of the XXI
    Century held in Moscow.

  6. Certificate to Onisiforos Hadjionisiforou for his attendance to the
    3d Spring Course of Myology in Saint Petersburg,Russia presenting K-SET Method.

  7. Certificate from European Enterprise Promotion Awards for the
    Innovative Rehabilitation Method-Kinisiforo K-set

  8. Recommendation Letter from POOA (Pancyprian Organization for the Rehabilitation to people with disabilities

  9.  Recommendation Letter from the Cyprus Institute of Neurolog&Genetics

Clinical Studies 

  • Clinical study for people after Stroke  

  • Clinical study for Children With Cerebral Palsy 


  • Kinisiforo Ltd Profile 

  • Informations about Kinisiforo devices and Nicomed Rehabilitation Center

Kinisiforo ltd Oficial Brochure

Kinisiforo device Certifications with Apostile

  1. CE certificate

  2. Free Sale certificate

  3. ISO 13485 for Medical device according to EU standard

  4. Medical Device Approval from Cyprus ministry of Health

Kinisiforo device Aprouvals & Certifications 

  1. World wide Patent certificate from World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

  2. Calibration Notification issued by Calibration centre

  3. Electrical safety test

  4. Certificate from the company Green Dot Cyprus for recycling


certifications with apostile

  1. certificate for company registration from ministry of commerce and companies 

  2. certificate for director and secretary

  3. certificate for company address approval

Kinisiforo Hospital Unit Manual

Power Point Presentation

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