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About Us

Kinisiforo Ltd was founded in 2011, and has its main office in Limassol, Cyprus. The Company specializes in the development and supply of equipment for the rehabilitation of patients with neurological conditions and is run by qualified professionals who understand the needs of their patients.

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Our main product is a cutting-edge rehabilitation system called Kinisiforo. This system was designed and developed based on the results of long-term clinical and scientific research and implements a new method of neurological rehabilitation called K-Set. This method was developed in collaboration with different Rehabilitation Centers, institutions and  medical Universities that has significant experience in rehabilitation of neurological conditions including cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal cord injury and different neurological disorders.

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Kinisiforo Ltd constantly works on improvement of its products in order to maintain strong competitive capabilities. We continually strive to combine the highest standards of quality and efficiency. We believe we have the latest and best innovative Rehabilitation system and product of this type. Furthermore, we are able to aproach every patient individually and customize their rehabilitation program according to their needs.

The NicoMed Rehabilitation Centers are registered trademarks of  Kinisiforo Ltd . In addition, can be found in two locations on the island of Cyprus; Limassol and Paphos and one in Lithuania in Vilnius. The centers are specially designed for people with a wide range of motor impairments and patients with physical or mental disabilities. NicoMed established in 2004, with a mission to offer, "A Holistic Approach to Rehabilitation, for Quality of Life!


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A truly independent, rehabilitation center, providing physical therapy and rehabilitation services, such as Clinical Psychology, Speech Therapy and a Workshop for Orthosis and Prosthesis all under one roof at NicoMed Center. Our staff and management are highly motivated, well-respected and compassionate
professionals who are fully qualified and very experienced.

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Our staff and management are highly motivated, well-respected and detecated professionals who are fully qualified and very experienced in their field



Hadjionisiforou Onisiforos
Founder and Principal

Onisiforos Hadjionisiforou graduated from Semmelweis University in Budapest  with distinction and specialized in  Kinesiology and Rehabilitation  and is married with three children.

In 2004, after the establishment of the first clinic, he started researching and assessing various methods and rehabilitation devices which were already available in the rehabilitation market to identify what could bring further improvement and modernization to recovery and rehabilitation.

Many months and years have been spent with other medical professionals including neuroscientists and orthopaedic specialists to help to bring forward solutions to create innovative improvements.

Today, we are very proud to present KINISIFORO Medical Devices and K-SET, an innovative rehabilitation method for people with wide range of motor impairments and of course, NicoMed Rehabilitation Centers.


Nitzan Harduf
Bussines Development


Galatia Agathaggelou
Finance and Managment Consultant


Evi Christodoulou 
Clinical Psychologiest 


Paul Shelley  
Medical Tourism Development

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Andry Steliou
Marketing Consultant 


Christina Avgousti



Ermina Andreou
Speech Therapiest 


Stelios Michael 
Manager at Nicomed Center in Paphos

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