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Nicomed provide a dedicated dietician that  is a trained professional who alters an individual’s diet based on medical conditions, body make up, blood type, or contributing factors affecting the nutrition one receives.

They assess, diagnose, recommend, and treat various medical diagnosis and dietary problems primarily on a one-on-one basis.

Their primary goal is to ensure that the right quantity and type of nutrients are being consumed by the individual they are working with.

in addition the dietician of Nicomed Rehabilitation Center helps prevent illness or improve a person’s condition through diet. They educate groups, individuals, or families about nutrition, food, and it’s connection to disease or weight problems to help them live healthy lifestyles.


Also help people maintain a healthy weight and help them to set and achieve goals as part of their health maintenance. They may also design programs for food services that provide meals for clients, such as schools or hospitals. In this case, they would check nutrition standards and ensure the food is within health and safety codes.If one of our clients has specific health challenges, they may consult a physician or other health care professional to determine if any changes to the diet or nutrition for the person are needed. 

Healthy Food
Smart Snacking
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